3 minute read

Brazil, where I live, has a shockingly high murder rate. I mean, it’s freaking astounding. A recent blog I read (see it here) caused a bit of discussion among some friends of mine on facebook. Is Brazil a failed state? The obvious answer seems ‘no’, but then again, isn’t security one of the basic functions of the state? Just how bad is it with regard to murders in Brazil? (Pretty nuts is the answer.) We can visualize this is in R to get some idea of how nuts it is.


A Shiny app to find Carnaval blocos in São Paulo

8 minute read

I’ve been getting more and more interested in web graphics, particularly d3. All of this of course depends on javascript, a language I don’t know very well. As a way to start learning it, I thought I’d give Shiny a go, as a bridge between R and javascript (I’ve since started a javascript course proper). I’ve been surprised by how simple and powerful Shiny is, although the problems I ran into I wasn’t able to solve.

Map-making with R and electionsBR

Create summaries and analyses using the R package `electionsBR`

8 minute read

For those interested in Brazilian politics, there’s a great new package called electionsBR (those who understand Portuguese can find a post on it here). This package takes data from the Tribunal Superior Eleitoral and makes it available in a tidy format for users of R. Given my recent obsession with map-making, I think it’s only natural I’d want to make maps of Brazil with this package.1 So, what can we do with it?