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Professional History

São Paulo City Council

  • 03/2017 — present
  • São Paulo
  • Position: Director of DIPROJ; Data Science & Analystics Administration

In the Finance Ministry (Secretaria de Fazenda), I head a team responsible for making accurate forecasts of data on public spending. Part of my job is also modernizing the way our department does analysis. To do that, I’m giving in-house R courses and building Shiny applications, along with semi-automated reports. It’s an interesting job being at the heart of politics in one of the biggest cities in the world!

Instituto Brasileiro de Pesquisa e Análise de Dados (IBPAD)

  • 08/2016 – present
  • Various locations throughout Brazil
  • Position: Course Tutor

I give private classes, in-company courses and public courses on the statistical programming language R. I am responsible for designing and giving the classes, and I also contribute to the blog of the Institute. The topics covered in the public course include: an introduction to statistics; obtaining, cleaning and tidying data; data analysis and modelling; producing plots and interactive visualizations; producing high-quality documents and web pages in RStudio. I was also part of a 2-man team that designed and implemented a successful in-company course for the airline company Gol, which included an introduction to R, statistics in R, and machine learning in R. In my private classes, I have helped clients to implement genetic algorithms from scratch in R for analysis of financial data, among other things.

Freelance R Consultant

I’ve helped people with projects ranging from their academic work to scraping information from social media sites, text analysis to statistics, in areas ranging from finance to communication and to legislative studies.

Fundação Getúlio Vargas

  • 08/2016 – present
  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Position: researcher

I write case studies for FGV, to be used as teaching materials in their post-graduate courses, on topics ranging from Brexit to the embargo of Cuba. Apart from that, I do some data science work (web-scraping, organizing & cleaning data and statistical analyses) for some researchers involved with the Centre for International Relations.

Centre for the Study of International Negotiations (CAENI)

  • 03/2012 – 07/2016
  • University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Position: researcher

I was a researcher at CAENI in USP during my PhD, and I was involved in seminars and study groups, as well as with the production of research. I also gave courses during my time there, on running Bayesian statistical models and doing analysis in the statistical programming language R.


Professional Summary

I believe that my skills and background give me some unique advantages in the field of data analysis. I have found that my artistic background is very useful when it comes to visualizing data and the results of research. Similarly, my ability to speak well publicly, as demonstrated for example in the theatre which I wrote and performed solo, has been a great asset to me when speaking publicly about the work I’ve done. I think that I have a very high level of writing ability, as I have shown in academic work that I have published. This capability has allowed me to produce high-quality studies that are enjoyable to read for experts and non-experts alike. My love of data wrangling and analysis, and programming in general, allows me to bring all these abilities together in a modern way, in what I believe is a valuable package for data analysis in any context.


Academic Background

PhD – University of São Paulo (2016)

  • Thesis: Explaining the Determinants of Foreign Policy Voting Behaviour in the Brazilian Houses of Legislature, with a Focus on the Senate

Masters: Dublin City University, Ireland (2010) (First Class Honour)

  • Thesis: Brazil’s Foreign Policy- Domestic Interests, Presidentialism or the Autonomy of Itamaraty?

Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art – National College of Art & Design, Ireland (2004) (2:1 Honours)



  • Native speaker of English
  • Fluent in Portuguese
  • Intermediate level Spanish and French



  • Advanced knowledge of R and RMarkdown (for documents and my website, and I wrote my PhD thesis in it). I am the author of the tidyRSS tidyRSS) R package, one of the authors of congressbr and I have contributed to several other R packages: (updateR, bRasilLegis, electionsBR). On my github page, I have made available many R code snippets of various functions and tips & tricks that I have found useful, and that I hope will help others.
  • Intermediate knowledge of Python, LaTeX, html, CSS, and basic knowledge of SPSS and Stata. I also have experience with the MS Office suite and the Mac equivalents.
  • I also post R code snippets on my blog, showing readers how to create intricate plots or run various analyses in R. These posts have featured on the popular online R magazine RWeekly (https://rweekly.org; Issue 21, “R in Real World”); they are shared on the popular R-Bloggers site and they have also been shared on R users groups on social media.


Other information

  • International experience: I have lived and worked or studied in Ireland, Belgium, the United States and Brazil.
  • Seminars / certifications: I have given academic presentations on my work and I have attended many short technical courses. The most recent one was on Agent-Based Models in Python and was given in USP by Davoud Taghawi-Nejad. Others have been on time-series modelling by Guy Whitten of Texas A&M, game theory by B. Peter Rosendorff of New York University, experiments in social science by Paolo Spada and Leonid Peisakhin of Yale University, and various software packages.
  • Hobbies: I like to play music, write, read and blog, and I am involved in the creation and development of some R software packages. I have written a fictional novel, which I hope to publish in the future, and I have recorded an album of my music. I have a strong interest in political economic history and liberalism.


Social Networks

@RobertMylesMc https://github.com/RobertMyles https://br.linkedin.com/in/robert-mcdonnell-7475b320



  • “Formal Comparisons of Legislative Institutions: Comparing ideal points from the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate”, Brazilian Political Science Review, vol.11 no.1, 2017. [link]
  • “Do Brazilian Legislators Care About Foreign Policy?”. Currently under review.


Professional References

Max Stabile, Director, IBPAD. +55 (11) 3042-0218; max@ibpad.com.br

Matias Spektor, Coordinator, Centre for International Relations, CPDOC, FGV São Paulo. +55 (11) 3799-3755; matias.spektor@fgv.br

Amâncio Oliveira, Director, Centro de Estudos das Negociações Internacionais, University of São Paulo. +55 (11) 3091- 0553; amanciocaeni@gmail.com


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